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Free, lite password manager for tech-savvy users

  • Creating Composite Master Key
  • Database Settings
  • Database
  • Adding a New Entry
  • Adding a Trigger
Dominik Reichl - January 20, 2020
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When almost every website you visit requires you to register with a username and password, it's quite difficult remembering them all. You can always reset the password when you forget it, but it's a boring process and it's for the best if you avoid it. Using the same password for each website is also dangerous and different websites have different criteria when it comes to choosing one.

KeePass offers to resolve these problems. It's a free, open-source password manager which stores your passwords safely on a device such as your laptop or any other external storage device. It's quite powerful and it can be a good choice for professional users.

When you install it, you might be disappointed at the first glance as it lacks in design and impression. Adding and organizing data is quite straightforward. Once you add a database, you will see some default password groups in which you can add new passwords. You will see plenty of different settings you can tweak but most of them sound fairly odd if you are not so familiar with cryptography.

One thing KeePass can't boast about is the ability to store its database on the cloud. However, you can save it in the Google Drive folder which enables you to access it from a different device, or you can use a plugin in order to gain that functionality. By default, KeePass also doesn't pull in login credentials from your web browsers automatically but it uses various plugins which enable that. Luckily, you can import databases from other password managers such as 1Password, LastPass, Sticky Password, etc.

Another useful feature are Triggers which activate immediately once a certain condition is met and execute an action. It may take a while to learn how to take advantage of them fully, but it's certainly a nice feature. The programs size is less than 5 MB and it runs smoothly enough.

• Free and open-source
• Plenty of useful settings to tweak
• Small download size
• You can import data from other password managers
• Its functionality can be extended via various available plugins
• Its design is rather dull


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Release date: 2020-01-20

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